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A new technology to sell more, go green and go Smart
Electronic Shelve labels (ESL) play a crucial role in the Retail transformation by providing instant and dynamic pricing updates based on the inventory and marketing status of retail products. Adoption of ESL reduces human error associated with traditional pricing and product labeling methods, enabling retail staff to spend more time providing customer service, increasing customer satisfaction and encouraging repeat and increased sales. Aimed at retail stores regardless of size, Averos scalable ESL system can be integrated with all existing Point of Sale (POS) systems, whilst its neat design creates a retail environment that encourages impulse purchases. Powered by coin-cell batteries with a lifespan of more than 5 years, Averos ESL technology provides a sustainable, paperless and environmentally friendly pricing and labeling solution that can save time and money for the retailer.

Retailers, we hear you!
To accelerate the uptake of and enjoy the benefits, Averos ESL are designed to be setup and deployed easily and quickly. It is a none invasive solution. After integration with the on-site POS system, ESL operates behind the scenes, running quickly and efficiently to predetermined criteria appropriate to the retail outlet it is installed for.